Monday, 25 August 2014

Weekly Miles

A few weeks ago I posted that in July I had ridden more miles in a calendar month than ever before. Now I can report that last week I rode 234.5 miles (377.4km) which is the most I have ever covered in a week.

The back bone of this was the daily commute to Portsmouth; for the first time this year I got up early every morning from Monday to Friday. I picked a different route home each day, only on Thursday did I resort to the direct route home on the road. Each of the other days I made the most of the weather, picking my way across of the trails of Kingley Vale and around the back of Lavant.

Meaningless miles probably do little for the fitness and just wear you out. So I do try to take it easy some days and push hard on others when the legs are willing. However, with dozens of other commuters around it can be hard not to chase a wheel, and my competitive ego doesn't like it when I am caught!

My weight is finally heading back down towards 70kg so here's hoping that all this time in the saddle is paying off.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Missing the Big Dog Action

Huge congratulations to my regular cycling buddies Dave, Jon and Darren who rode to a stunning 3rd place in the team event at the Brighton Big Dog yesterday, riding for Strada wheels. My team mates from South Downs Bikes took 1st!

Come Sunday morning this left me as Billy-no-mates again, as I continue to try and ride myself back into some kind of form. I took on a 50 mile off-road route based upon the original (and still the best!) course of the Chichester Challenge; an event which is sadly no longer with us.
All alone on the South Downs Way.
A great 4 hour ride with over 1300m of climbing.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Breaking Records

My accident in the middle of May wrote off the rest of that month and my recovery extended well into June. July heralded a serious return to the saddle, initially involving relaxed rides on my own. The first group outings opened my eyes to how much form I had lost in 6 weeks. At the monthly shop ride, which is usually a social evening and a chance for a natter, I was hanging well off the back of the group, out of breathe and on my own! 
Weekend rides have been a similarly painful experience, so much so that I had to leave my friends and head home early the other week after I completely hit the wall on a dusty climb up from Duncton.
The incredible weather has meant I’ve been commuting to work most days and racking up the miles. So much so that July has seen me pass 800 miles within a calendar month for the first time! I’m hoping all these extra miles will soon have me back on the pace. Of course everyone else is undoubtedly making hay while the sun shines, but let’s hope I have closed the gap a little!


  • Graph of the mileage this year so far. Nice flat line in May after my accident and a shorter one when I was on holiday in April.