Monday, 19 September 2016

Just for the fun of it!

I am motivated by challenging myself with epic rides and races that test my fitness and ability. At a basic level though I just love riding a bicycle. This is why I have enjoyed the past couple of weeks so much. With the hectic schedule of summer races and the main goals for the year now behind me, I have been able to get out on the bike without a thought to training or specific preparation. I’ve ridden for fun, choosing my route based on the view or the enjoyable singletrack at the end, rather than the duration, mileage and altitude gain.

The strength in my legs remains and the Indian summer has added to the enjoyment. The pressure has even been taken off the commute to work. I have explored alternative routes, cruised along in the sunshine and just dashed straight home because it was raining.

Eventually I am going to need another target to inspire me to refocus my efforts. Especially with the colder ,shorter days of winter looming. But for now it is time to just ride for the fun of it!