Friday, 31 March 2017

Lucky Man

It is almost 6 weeks since I was struck from behind by a car while riding through Chichester. I have been to the doctor this week and largely given the all clear. Without a doubt I was incredibly lucky. Over the past few weeks I have shared my story with many who have similar experiences. What has struck me is how most had endured far worse, frequently life changing, injuries despite the accidents themselves often actually being far less dramatic.

The windscreen of the car which hit me was smashed as it punted me into the air and threw me down the road. The fact that I was totally unaware of the impending impact and therefore didn't have time to tense my muscles might explain my miraculous escape. 

It has however left me feeling vulnerable and exposed to the fragility of life. I have two memories of the accident, one the crescendo of crunching carbon fibre. The other is flying through the air not knowing where I was going to land. Were these going to be my final moments before a car ran me down as I was thrown into its path? 

I was straight back on the bike, even racing a few days later, but I am extremely aware of vehicles approaching and more cautious where I would have previously been confident and maintained road position. Also on fast off-road descents, I can sense the pain and impact of my previous accident. I know from experience of previous accidents that my confidence will grow and with time the memories will fade, but perhaps with age there comes a realisation of my own frailties.

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