Sunday, 21 May 2017

Giro Bravo Glove - Quick Review

It as been some years since I wore fingerless gloves. I have preferred the added protection full fingers offer even in warmer weather. However, we're selling the Bravo gloves at City Cycles and in the interests of customer feedback thought I'd give them a try.

First up they fit me perfectly - by which I mean snug. The result is no uncomfortable creasing of the palm when holding the bars. I've got fairly average hands and the medium size was spot on.

Personally I choose gloves with little to no padding on the palm. There are padded areas on the palms of the Bravo but it is done subtly, providing a svelte thin profile. Across the centre of the hand there is only the synthetic leather resulting in a thin natural grip. There is a gel pad over the thumb and padding over the inner knuckles.

Overall I found the Bravo's offer a nicely shaped and supported grip on the bars. The cushioning doesn't feel over the top but does protect the key areas.

The other side of the glove is a thin mesh so not much protection from straggling undergrowth or a cold breeze. A nice simple Velcro fastener makes it easy to get the Bravo's on and off.

I really liked these gloves and they'll be a definite favourite through the summer. They are not for those who like lots of padding and protection, but do provide grip and comfort with minimal thickness.

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